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Mekdam EduTech is one of the leading educational service providers and a globally recognized partner with long reliable experience in Qatar. Mekdam offers an end-to-end solution for learning such as; e-LMS, training and Certification programs, through our partnership with the world’s leading provider of training, assessment, and certification solutions to the academic, corporate, and government sector. 

Our mission is to be part of making your career path a success by providing valuable certifications and high standard learning materials prepared by quality trainers that will qualify you for gaining confidence and market acceptance. 

We hope to be the light in your career journey.

About Certiport

Established in 1997, Certiport; a Pearson VUE business, was and still the leading provider of certification exam development, delivery, and program management services. Certiport exams are delivered through an expansive network of over 14,000 Certiport Authorized Testing Centers worldwide.

Certiport provides millions of exams each year through the secondary, post-secondary, workforce, and corporate technology markets in 148 countries and 26 languages.
Certiport’s sophisticated portfolio of leading certification programs.

Here at Mekdam Certiport, we are focused on delivering globally recognized credentials by providing high standard educational materials, practice tests and certifications that validate an individual’s knowledge, and skills for a defined role or profession.
With the rapid changes in technology and evolving education, these certificates will serve as an advantage for students and professionals to confidently compete in the work field, and achieve a successful career path.
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about our company

A Full Pathway Approach

We offer a wide range of academic materials, including curriculums, practice tests, and performance-based certification exams.


Appropriate resources provide the foundation for both students and teachers to prepare for learning the subject and passing the certification exam.




Instructors and students can measure learning objectives through practice tests and assessment tools designed to give an accurate evaluation of student knowledge.


Certification testing proves real-world skill as they deliver real-world applications and measure performance better than a simple multiple-choice exam.




IC3 Digital Literacy Certification

Don't just use technology, succeed with technology!

IC3 Spark

The IC3 Spark certification addresses the same foundational concepts as its precursor - the IC3 Digital Literacy Certification.

Entrepreneurship and Small Business

Entrepreneurship and Small Business is a certification that ensures tomorrow's leaders are prepared with the knowledge they need to get ahead in today's business field competition.

Professional Communication

The Professional Communication exam validates that candidates entering the workforce understand key communication principles and skills


App Development with Swift certification

Microsoft Office Specialist Program

Have you ever been stuck at a crossroad and were unsure of what path to take?

Adobe Certified Professional

Adobe Certified Professional is an industry-recognized credential that effectively validates one’s skills in Adobe Creative Cloud applications.

PMI Project Management Ready certification

The PMI Project Management Ready™ certification is a new way for students to immerse themselves in the project management industry and get involved with this passionate community of professionals.

Intuit QuickBooks Certified User

The Intuit QuickBooks Certified User certification is an industry-recognized credential that effectively validates one’s skills in the Intuit QuickBooks accounting software.

IC3 Digital Literacy Global Standard 6

IC3 Digital Literacy Global Standard 6 (GS6) is the latest version of the IC3 Digital Literacy program.

IC3 FastTrack

IC3 Fast Track is the best way to ensure that your students or employees are up to speed!

Entrepreneur and Small Business Certification

The ESB certification is built to test and validate foundation-level concepts and knowledge in entrepreneurship and small business management.

English for IT


Microsoft Certified Fundamentals

The Microsoft Certified Fundamentals exams are your pathway to fully understanding what cloud computing is

Microsoft Certified Educator

The Microsoft Certified Educator Program is a professional development program that bridges the gap between technology skills and innovative teaching.


The Autodesk Certified User (ACU) certifications enhance students' higher ed applications and resumes by providing evidence of competency and proficiency.

Unity Certified User Certification

Unity is the leading content-creation platform for AR/VR, real-time 3D, and mobile 2D.

Intuit Certified Bookkeeping

The Intuit Certified Bookkeeping Professional certification can help open doors for individuals looking to build a career in bookkeeping.

Value of Certification

In a world where competition for jobs, salaries, and academic success increases, certifications offer hope as they are a credible.

IC3 Digital Literacy Global Standard 5

IC3 Digital Literacy Global Standard 5 (GS5) is a previous version of the IC3 Digital Literacy program.

IC PHP Developer Fundamentals

As the first step to more advanced coding certifications, IC PHP is the ideal starting point for any candidate who is interested in PHP coding

Communication Skills for Business

Success is led by the power of communication!

IT Specialist

The Information Technology Specialist program is a way for students to validate entry level IT skills sought after by employers.

Microsoft Office Specialist

The Microsoft Office Specialist Program provides industry-leading assessments of skills and knowledge.

Microsoft Certified Educator certification

The Microsoft Certified Educator Program certification represents a valid and reliable way to measure the effectiveness of your investment in ICT and professional development.

PMI Project Management Ready

Project Management Institute® (PMI) is the world's leading association for those who consider project, program or portfolio management their profession.

Intuit Certifications

Differentiate your accounting, finance and entrepreneurship programs with the Intuit QuickBooks Certified User and Intuit Certified Bookkeeping Professional exams.

Intuit Design for Delight

The Intuit Design for Delight Innovator certification helps individuals validate their knowledge of design thinking principles and the tools needed to identify problems.

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Mekdam EduTech is one of the leading educational service providers and a globally recognized partner with long reliable experience in Qatar.

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