Communication Skills for Business

Communication Skills for Business

Success is led by the power of communication!

The Communication Skills for Business (CSB) program is one of the newest certification programs offered through Certiport and now includes the Professional Communication certification and the English for IT certification. 

The ability to communicate effectively is a critical skill that all candidates should possess. In every industry, there is a gap between the English skills required and the English language skills that employees have. Also, in today’s workplace, developing great communication skills can give candidates a big edge on the competition.

The CSB certifications are built to validate that candidates entering the workforce understand key communication principles and possess the skills that are necessary to be effective in a work environment.

Impact of Communication Skills for Business certifications

  • For students/candidates: they’re resume builders and help students/candidates become more employable.
  • For educators: save instructors’ time by using the certification exams as class exams, midterms or final exams.
  • For workforce education: increase job placement rates and stabilizes/increases funding options.
  • For corporations: provide job skill enhancement for employees and save money by not having poor communications.

Why should job candidates seek CSB Certification?

Studies have been done that estimate businesses with 100 employees lose an average of $420,000 per year due to poor communication between employees, the CSB certifications eliminates that possibility by teaching employees how to work effectively together with better communication.