Entrepreneur and Small Business Certification

The ESB certification is built to test and validate foundation-level concepts and knowledge in entrepreneurship and small business management. These core concepts include entrepreneurship, recognizing and evaluating opportunities, planning for starting and operating a business, marketing and sales, venture capital and seed funding, and financial management. Country-Specific Exam versus Universal Exam ESB Country-specific exams test […]

Entrepreneurship and Small Business

Entrepreneurship and Small Business is a certification that ensures tomorrow’s leaders are prepared with the knowledge they need to get ahead in today’s business field competition. Whether you are starting a bakery or launching the next billion dollar startup, ESB qualifies a students’ understanding of core business principles, including the essentials needed to launch and […]

IC PHP Developer Fundamentals

As the first step to more advanced coding certifications, IC PHP is the ideal starting point for any candidate who is interested in PHP coding, but who may have limited experience with programming or coding. The IC PHP Developer Fundamentals exam is an entry-level certification designed to validate the fundamental knowledge of technology that candidates […]

IC3 FastTrack

IC3 Fast Track is the best way to ensure that your students or employees are up to speed! IC3 Fast Track is a digital literacy skills assessment that can be used to gauge the skill set of incoming students or job candidates. IC3 Fast Track can help assess an individual’s ability to perform in any […]

IC3 Spark

The IC3 Spark certification addresses the same foundational concepts as its precursor – the IC3 Digital Literacy Certification. While both certifications target issues arising from the increasing demands of technology, IC3 Spark is created for the youth who may be new to computers and the Internet, or who lack a solid foundation in digital concepts. […]

IC3 Digital Literacy Global Standard 5

IC3 Digital Literacy Global Standard 5 (GS5) is a previous version of the IC3 Digital Literacy program.  The GS5 certification consists of three exams:  Computing Fundamentals Living Online Key Applications IC3 Digital Literacy includes concepts and skills that apply to almost any school or career pathway, therefore it’s the ideal solution for any student or […]